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Sherwood-Triart is a family-owned studio that in 2018 celebrates its 70th year in business.

The studio was founded on a commitment to creativity, fine craftsmanship, and an excellent client experience. Seventy years later we are still committed to providing that same level of service. We have achieved the highest levels of expertise awarded by the Professional Photographers of America: The Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees.

The team at Sherwood-Triart is an extended family of over 10 full-Time, on-premises professionals. The images that we produce continue to win numerous awards on a local, state national and international level.

We are dedicated to producing the finest images available and pay particular attention to composition, impact, spontaneity, and flawless detail. Every photograph is created in our studio.  

Our new location is located in Huntington Village at 445 New York Avenue. We have plenty of on premise parking